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Current Pre-Qualification Documents

There are no current projects requiring pre-qualification.

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Current Bids

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Sandy Suburban Policies

Sewer improvements shall be constructed in strict accordance with Sandy Suburban Improvement District (SSID) Design Standards and Construction specifications. Copies of this manual are available on the link below or at the District Office, 8855 south 700 West, Sandy, Utah.

Design Standards
Impact Fee Study


Sandy Suburban requires developers of an approved project regarding lines needing to be extended to post a performance/warranty bond and to sign an Extension Agreement. Below you will find the four (4) options accepted by the District.

Extension Agreement Cash
Extension Agreement Surety
Extension Agreement Escrow
Extension Agreement Letter of Credit


Shelby Bolliger

(801) 561-7662
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Scott Nielsen

(801) 561-7662
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Blue Stakes D.I.R.T.